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We have been in the business of exporting log houses, playgrounds and wooden constructions for 8 years. This period has shown us that Customers want more than one producer is able to offer. We have made a careful selection of producers and in addition of ourselves we represent today several companies dealing with manufacturing log houses. Due to the wider choice of producers, we are able to offer you a wider selection of products from the best experts in the business (garden houses, summer cottages, round log houses, living houses, etc.). In addition to the houses, we also offer installation services, wooden furniture and other wooden products. Naturally we also organise transport to the location chosen by you

The word Nord-Domus (Nordic-House/home) summarizes the all-important values we offer:

ü  The Nordic countries’ hundreds of years of experience in manufacturing timber houses.

ü  All our houses have been manufactured from soft wood that has grown in the harsh conditions of the Nordic   countries and is thus extra durable and strong.

ü  We offer you houses designed specially for you – a home that is healthy and close to nature.

ü  A home is not just a house; a home also means children, a garden and pets – our range of products includes       various solutions for them as well.

Our mission is to combine products and services offered by professionals into the most favourable unit for the customer valuing a natural living environment.

Nord-Domus log homes